“Adam “Pacman” Jones told USA Today Sports earlier this week that he doesn’t know why he shouldn’t talk to the NFL’s rookies later this month, saying he’s confident he’ll be cleared of his recent assault charge and that he has an important message to share.

“Why would I not keep talking to the youth and help the youth out like I did last year because of somebody else acting up?” he told the newspaper Tuesday. “I guess right now I’m getting accused of doing something wrong. The video speaks a thousand words and that’ll take care of itself, but I don’t see any reason why I should be shying away from any conversations or anything that matters to me and my youth.”

The Cincinnati Bengals cornerback said he is a good father and husband and is “not out getting drunk, harassing people and being a [jerk] to people.”

Jones, 29, will be one of the guest speakers at the NFL’s Rookie Symposium on June 23-29 in Aurora, Ohio. He also spoke at last year’s event for first-year players.

He told USA Today that his inability to escape his past will be an important topic.

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