How can you minimize the downside of your sports conflict situations and maximize the upside? How can you ensure issues are resolved with the least amount of negative impact on your team relationships? How can you mitigate risk and optimize performance? How is sports conflict coaching valuable to your sports team or organization?

Conflict Management Is Important

Conflict management is a key competency area with skills that are difficult to master in the abstract or through reading and classroom alone. Coaches, Administrators, Team Captains, Athletes, and others learn best when in a situation that requires some guidance and support from a conflict management expert.

Key to a Healthy Team

Effective conflict management is key to a constructive locker room culture. Serious conflicts can cost your team in terms of performance on and off the field. It can also open the door to unnecessary escalations that, at their worst, involve legal action, investigations, terminations and departures, and lost seasons and careers.

Sports Conflict Coaching is Effective

Sports conflict coaching is effective. In essence, it is training for one and provides a better way to understand conflict and how to effectively manage it. Most importantly, it allows focus to remain on critical activities necessary to prepare to perform optimally within the sport itself. By addressing key sources of negative stress, energy is preserved for the demands of the sport itself.

SCI sports conflict coaches know conflict and they know sports. Contact SCI today to discuss how to engage a sports conflict coach for your team.