“I found the Character Assessment to be very productive. Not only was it interesting, but the information I got from it has been useful in my day to day interactions and work. At it’s most basic level, the assessment gave me a greater awareness of the elements of my character. Given that these elements don’t change, it was particularly useful to then learn how to manage my strengths and weaknesses (the strengths, weaknesses, and liabilities of my character are not exactly what I thought they were!).

One particularly interesting and useful result of the assessment was the information I received about the double-sidedness of my character. In the assessment, a double sided character is the negative result from stress relating to internal conflict. Identifying the source of this internal conflict (conflicting commitments and uneven balance between work and social life) has led me make some schedule changes which have caused me to be more productive and happier.

The assessment gave me some good information about the type of people I work well with. This was interesting because I’ve always tried to accommodate all types, but my assessment suggested this might not be productive. In hindsight I can see the predictions were played out in some of the negative coaching and work experiences I’ve had. This information will be important in building my own team and setting realistic expectations for my relationships with people.”