Is something not quite right with your team or organization?

Are you frustrated by how things are going?

Seasons aren’t usually lost in one moment.
Organizations don’t fail in a day.

Quickly finding where people or processes are falling short and uncovering solutions to optimize performance are often the key moments to success.
SCI’s Sports Playbook Culture Model
and DISC Behavioral Profiles help identify the root of the problem and create high performance solutions.

Building Teams that Outperform, Year after Year

This book gives the answer. Providing a blueprint or “playbook” for success in sports at every level, it lays out a clear step-by-step plan for building a team culture that will lead to winning consistently.

With each step, the book introduces real-world tools that can be easily implemented by every sports organization and coach to achieve success, including team charters, individual athlete plans, player accountability systems, and team communication strategies. It offers expert advice and practical guidance on key areas, such as aligning individuals with a clear team plan, resolving conflicts proactively, and learning from every game and every season to develop a smarter and more consistent culture of success.