CTC_coverIn a 6-hour recorded course, you’ll hear Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s crystal-clear voice explain how to surface and then revise the false assumptions behind your most cherished beliefs.You’ll first learn two different ways to explore whether an assumption is true or false. The Lockean approach is based on achieving agreement. The Hegelian approach is based on magnifying disagreement. These two ‘inquiring systems’ map onto the TKI Conflict Model (as shown below), which reveals that each approach for discovering truth uses different conflict modes for managing agreement and disagreement among two or more people.Dr. Kilmann then discusses why this kind of critical thinking is vital for resolving today’s complex messes: Because there has been so much change in the world during the past few decades, most of us are unconsciously making assumptions about key stakeholders that once might have been true, but are now clearly false. By learning the method of assumptional analysis, however, you’ll be able to uncover and then revise your false assumptions, so your decisions and actions will now be based on today’s updated reality, not yesterday’s outdated fantasy. After presenting the three stages of assumptional analysis (surfacing, classifying, and synthesizing assumptions), you’ll have the opportunity to apply this method to a case study. Afterward, you’ll be able to compare Dr. Kilmann’s analysis to yours, which will give you a powerful learning opportunity. The course concludes with an assignment (and specially designed work sheets) so you can perform an assumptional analysis on this desired conclusion for a work group: ‘We can apply what we learned in this course back to the workplace.’ This online course comes with a 96-page downloadable manual that includes an image of every presentation slide, Dr. Kilmann’s personalized notes, reference material, a business case study, and Worksheets for Assumptional Analysis. Because this online course is recorded, you can watch it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.


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