The purpose of our blog is to show how conflict management theory and tools are used for problems that arise in sports. 

Revolutionizing Sports Business: “Strategic Negotiation: Building Organizational Excellence”

In the intricate world of sports business and governance, negotiation is not just a skill—it’s a core competency. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking book that is set Read more >

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in Conflict Resolution

In managing conflict, we are always exploring innovative and effective techniques to facilitate understanding, empathy, and connection between parties. One such technique that has proven to be Read more >

A Sports Mediation Poem

When tensions rise and tempers flare,And conflict seems too much to bear,There comes a time for someone to share,A path to peace, a way to repair. In sports, this task falls to the mediator,A Read more >

Embracing Mediation in Football: FIFA Launches a New Conflict Resolution Service

As a mediator and sports conflict resolution professional, I am always interested in developments within the field that have the potential to impact the sports world positively. As one of the Read more >

How Can I Change Conflict Into Collaboration?

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ~ Henry Ford Conflict is normal and can be a catalyst for positive outcomes if shifted towards Read more >

Why Is Trust So Difficult To Build?

“Without trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team.” ~ Stephen M.R. Covey So, why Read more >

The Ugly Truth About The Beautiful Game

What Happened To The USMNT | The Ugly Truth About The Beautiful Game

Author Steven Mandis discusses and debates his book, What Happened To The USMNT: The Ugly Truth About The Beautiful Game, with Ken Pendleton and Joshua Gordon. This book is an essential read that Read more >

Not So Super League | Making Sense of It All

The European Super League faced a quick and catastrophic collapse. Ken Pendleton and Dave Galas join SCI TV to discuss how we got here and where we go from here. Read Dr. Ken Pendleton’s Read more >

The Worst of Both Worlds | Why the American Model of Sports Does Not Apply to Soccer

“If it’s a business, then it’s a losing business.” Such is the nature of owning a soccer club, or at least that’s what the late Gianni Agnelli, owner of Fiat and patron of Read more >

The Conflict Resolution Toolbox

Gary Furlong of Agree Dispute Resolution joins SCI’s Joshua Gordon to discuss the latest edition of his essential text, The Conflict Resolution Toolbox. Gary’s toolbox provides key Read more >

To Play Or Not To Play? A Conversation With Aaron Scheidies

The COVID-19 Pandemic has raised fundamental questions about the value of sport. Eight-time triathlon World Champion, Aaron Scheidies, joins SCI’s Joshua Gordon for a conversation. Read more >

Joshua Gordon Appointed as Arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

SCI’s Joshua Gordon was appointed by the International Council for Arbitration for Sport (ICAS) as an Arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on both the CAS football list Read more >

Athletic Director University’s 1.Question Podcast Features SCI’s Joshua Gordon

SCI’s Joshua Gordon joins the 1.Question Podcast to discuss the process of building a successful organizational culture. Gordon, consultant to multiple athletic departments, corporations, Read more >

Did the NCAA College Basketball Reforms Solve Its Alignment Issues?

In August 2018, the NCAA Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors adopted a series of significant policy and legislative changes based on the recommendations from the Rice Commision Read more >

Can You Really Have Fun While Winning? Examining Coach Willie Taggart

Can fun lead to success? The long held belief in sports is that the fun is primarily reserved for the post-victory celebration. Must that hold true? In fact, is it possible that making the Read more >

The Sports Playbook: Building Teams that Outperform, Year after Year

Why do so many sports teams have losing records, year after year? Why do others win big, but only every 20 or 30 years? And why is it that so few teams enjoy sustained, continual success? The Read more >

What Happened with the United States Men’s National Team?

Should an entire system be re-examined because of one loss? When the U.S. men’s national team lost 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago – a moment that meant their elimination from contention Read more >

NCAA In Crisis | A Catalyst for Change?

Is there reason for optimism in the current NCAA crisis? The recent FBI investigations of NCAA Men’s Basketball have, once again, shed light on the darker side of the business of college Read more >

Sports and Politics

The recent uptick in protests in response to President Trump’s vocal criticism of Colin Kaepernick’s activism and other athletes using the national anthem to protest social issues has Read more >

So Much for the Old College Try

Christian McCaffrey’s decision to opt out of the Sun Bowl so that he can prepare for the NFL draft raises several important questions: Is this really in McCaffrey’s own interest? What steps can Read more >

Locker Room Talk

There are undoubtedly dark corners in male man caves where predatory boasts like those made by Donald Trump on videotape commonly occur, but dismissing them as mere ‘locker room talk’ Read more >

Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Analogy Trivializes Issues

There are undoubtedly dark corners in man caves where predatory boasts like those made by Donald Trump on videotape commonly occur, but dismissing them as mere ‘locker room talk’ Read more >

Discussing USADA’s Legal Powers with Attorney Chris George

SCI’s Joshua Gordon and Melick & Porter’s Chris George discuss legal aspects of USADA’s investigation into the Nike Oregon Project and challenges in balancing fair process Read more >

Discussing Mediation for Sports Conflicts with Michael Toebe

Michael Toebe joined to discuss his recent article exploring the potential for mediation to be part of sports conflicts such as the punch that caused a 100-year- old rivalry between Brigham Young Read more >

NFL Article 46 Powers Upheld | Professor Marc Greenbaum Discusses

Suffolk University Law School Professor and SCI Advisory Board member Marc Greenbaum shared his expertise regarding the latest battle of the power of the commissioner in the NFL surrounding Read more >

How Mediation Could Help Dispute Between MLB and Rose

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred will not be ending the permanent ban (26 years and counting) from baseball on Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader, a 17-time All Star and 3-time Read more >

Applying Restorative Justice in High Profile Sports

Ted Lewis joins SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, in discussing the possibilities for restorative justice practices in sports. Watch or listen to learn more about how it can work with or as an Read more >

The Challenges of Part Time Coaches | Stephanie Thorburn

When thinking of college athletics, most think of some of the challenges that come with big-time programs. But what about some of the other programs and their challenges. Specifically, what are Read more >

Dr. Scott Brooks Discusses University of Missouri Protests and Issues of Race

In this episode, University of Missouri’s Dr. Scott Brooks joins to speak about recent events on race at universities, including the recent high profile series of events at his home Read more >

SCI’s Joshua Gordon on Elevation Trail podcast

Joshua Gordon joined Elevation Traii for their weekly podcast. This episode is a nice mix of light-hearted banter and some thoughtful conversation on issues on sports. Topics include risk Read more >

Integrity In The NFL

In this episode, we discuss the recent cheating and integrity scandals in the NFL with David Steele of Sporting News. Read more >

Should We Allow Doping In Sports?

Dopers are cheaters. They take drugs to enhance their athletic abilities, giving themselves an unfair advantage. However, some argue we should allow athletes to dope. They claim if everyone Read more >

NFLPA vs. NFL in Deflategate Controversy

Marc Greenbaum is a Professor of Law and Co-Director of Labor and Employment Law Concentration at Suffolk University Law School.  Professor Greenbaum is an experienced labor arbitrator and Read more >

Examining High Visibility Incidents and Brand Damage in Sports

Sports are meant to be an escape from the stresses and conflicts of everyday life, but as major incidents occur in the sport industry we see an increase in brand damage that can significantly Read more >

Marc Greenbaum Discusses NFLPA vs. NFL in Deflategate Controversy

Marc Greenbaum is a Professor of Law and Co-Director of Labor and Employment Law Concentration at Suffolk University Law School.  Professor Greenbaum is an experienced labor arbitrator and Read more >

Sports Ethic | Alex Smolka

In an episode of SCI TV, Alex Smolka of Florida Atlantic University cross country and track & field discusses the sports ethic among his student athletes and the balance that today’s student Read more >

Mental Strength Training | Matt Belair

With so much known about how to properly train the body, increased focus on the importance of mental strength and conditioning is only natural as athletes and coaches seek the next frontier for Read more >

Dealing with an Angry Public in Sports | Patrick Field

In an episode of SCI TV, Patrick Field of the Consensus Building Institute discusses how to deal with stakeholder engagement in sports. Field is co-author of “Dealing With An Angry Public,” and Read more >

Dr. Marc Williams Joins In America Sports Documentary

An upcoming documentary for public television by the Sports Conflict Institute and In America will offer a fresh perspective on conflict in sports with guest speakers including sports culture and Read more >

SCI TV Reaches 75th Episode of Issues in Sports

Part thought leadership and part industry insight, SCI TV has been covering issues in sports with special guests and experts for over two years, recently airing its 75th episode. The show covers Read more >

Leigh Steinberg Joins Documentary with In America on Sports Conflict

An upcoming documentary for public television by the Sports Conflict Institute and In America with James Earl Jones will offer a unique perspective on conflict in sports with guest speakers Read more >

Issues in NCAA Compliance | Brad Barnes

NCAA compliance is an area of sports that most people are either unfamiliar with or see only during major headlines and negative media. In an episode of SCI TV, Brad Barnes, Assistant Director of Read more >

Athlete Transitions | Martin Bingisser

In an episode of SCI TV, Martin Bingisser discusses how he transitioned from a competitive collegiate athlete to balancing a successful professional career with being on the Swiss national team. Read more >

Innovations in Athlete Development | Jordan Denning

The conventional wisdom is that with the right physical training, recovery, and coaching, athletes and teams can reach peak performance. On SCI TV Jordan Denning of CogSports discusses the Read more >

Exploring Title IX in College Sports | Paul Greene

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are major problems on college campuses, and while Title IX is best known for creating opportunities in women’s athletics, it is now being used to hold Read more >

Analyzing a 2024 Boston Olympics Bid with Boston Globe Reporters

Hosting the Olympics can transcend sport and unite a city, but first come the hurdles of infrastructure, security, and billion dollar budgets. Theses challenges turn an Olympic bid into a Read more >

White Paper on Cost of Conflict in Sports

When a university receives a call about a bullying, hazing, or sexual assault incident on the part of one of their coaches or athletes, the wheels of a crisis are set in motion. A scan of the Read more >

Katharine Nohr Discusses Risk Management in Sports

More than most public figures, elite athletes capture the limelight for better or worse. With constant media attention personal issues become public affairs and can damage or ruin careers. In a Read more >

Sports Documentary with James Earl Jones and In America

High profile issues in sports always capture public attention. Recent domestic abuse, sexual assault, and bullying incidents have raised important questions about our sports culture. What lessons Read more >

Forgiveness In Sports

Sports are a multi-billion dollar industry comprised of athletes, coaches, trainers and business men and women. These people, athletes more often than the rest, are role models for society. They Read more >

Kerry Gillespie on Gender Determination in Sports

Gender determination has becoming an increasingly heated and debated topic in sports. What does it truly mean to have a level playing field in sports? What role should gender determination have Read more >

Danny Mackey on Coaching Styles

What are critical considerations when working with elite athletes? How might a coach alter their coaching style to the needs of an athlete? What challenges exist to build a winning culture? Danny Read more >

Vinnie Iyer on Character Concerns in the NFL

The NFL draft season is here and teams are making choices about which type of players to add to their rosters, both for their skills on the field and their character off the field. In an episode Read more >

Smart Drugs, the Brain and Sports with Anjan Chatterjee

Doping has been around sports for years and stars such as Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez continue to capture the public’s imagination. But the future of doping may be radically different. Read more >

David Steele Discusses Locker Room Culture

Sports controversies continue to revolve around issues of abuse and violence. These issues occur within team confines, as was the case with the Miami Dolphins and Richie Incognito, or off the Read more >

Will Leitch Discusses Chris Borland Case

Former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland turned more heads with his sudden retirement announcement than during his first year of a promising NFL career. In a March episode of SCI TV, Sports on Earth Read more >

Former College Athletes Discusses Student-Athlete Experience

Lately the student-athlete experience has undergone scrutiny in the media regarding recent changes and proposals around the NCAA. In a March episode of SCI TV, current and former collegiate Read more >

Legal Issues in Sports | Paul Greene

From the Olympics to the collegiate level Paul Greene of Global Sports Advocates has seen his share of sports cases, representing elite athletes and governing bodies around the world. In a recent Read more >

Controlling the Olympic Moment

In this episode of SCI TV, researcher and former professional runner Dr. Anne Shadle discusses her study that searched for commonalities in the stories of three Olympic gold medal-winning Read more >

Duncan Fletcher Explains the Importance of Athlete Development and Player Engagement

What is athlete development? What does it entail? Why should administrators, coaches, athletes, and supports invest in off-field growth? SCI TV In a recent episode of SCI TV, Duncan Fletcher of Read more >

Examples of Racial Stereotypes

Misplaced, incorrect, and plainly ignorant stereotypes – especially those with racial elements, but also gender, geographic, and other factors – are ever persistent in sports. Some stereotypes Read more >

POLL | Racism and Your Sports Life?

The latest poll is now live asking about your experience with racism and sports. Read more >

Racial Segregation in American Sports

Like much of society, professional American sports were segregated in the first part of the 20th Century, preventing black athletes from competing with white athletes. In baseball, there were Read more >

History and Culture | Dr. Scott Brooks

On this episode of SCI TV, Dr. Scott Brooks, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Missouri, discusses black athletes and the inherent myth about natural talent and the hard work Read more >

Sports Analytics Culture Shock

Value of Statistics Many traditionalists and old-school sports enthusiasts refuse to jump on the bandwagon of using a statistical or analytical lens to view sports.  Rather than going to numbers, Read more >

Pride, Prejudice Or Parity? Who Reigns Superior In College Football?

The question of whether one conference or team reigns superior to the others is one that could be debated 365 days of the year and still not be resolved with one final answer.  Many times you Read more >

Sports Fan Riots

After Ohio State’s football team won the inaugural College Football Playoff, earning the school its first National Champion since 2002, many fans in Columbus, OH took to the streets in Read more >

Oregon Ducks’ Cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olumu Discusses Social Networking on SCI TV

In this episode of SCI TV, Oregon Ducks’ Cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olumu discusses some of the challenges presented by social media in college athletics. With Monday’s Inaugural College Read more >

NCAA Football Sportsmanship – Florida State & Oregon

At nearly the highest stage of NCAA College Football, Florida State and Oregon, two of the top teams in the country, showed the world that many of their team-members still need to pass NCAA Read more >

Tom Jernstedt of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee Shares Insights

In this episode of SCI TALK, we are joined by Tom Jernstedt of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. He shares his fascinating experience with this historic change in NCAA Athletics Read more >

Meaning In Sports: Why I Still Run

I have been running since sixth grade. At times casual and others fiercely competitive, running is far and away the sport I am closest to. It has shaped my daily routine, circles of friends, and Read more >

Sport Offers a Hopeful Escape From Everyday Life

The Offer of Hopeful Escape Sport has the ability to pull people into a hopeful escape from the real world. Rather than dealing with the struggles of day-to-day life, people are able to engage in Read more >

Disability Sport: Integration and Inclusion

Progress in the 1900s The 20th century was a great one in terms of increasing the opportunities of people with disabilities to participate in disability sport. Organized events, institutions, and Read more >

Athlete Philanthropy | Harrie Bakst of Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group

In this episode of SCI Talk, we explore Athlete Philanthropy in the world of professional sports with Harrie Bakst of Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group. He discusses the issues and Read more >

Exploring An Ombuds Function for NCAA Intercollegiate Athletics

In this episode, SCI Founder Joshua Gordon and Dr. Ken Pendleton discuss the value and need for an improved intercollegiate ombuds model. SCI is a major proponent of having a dedicated ombudsman Read more >

College Sports Ombuds?

Intercollegiate sports have provided success stories, fan excitement, substantial college revenues, and character building experiences to many young athletes.  However, when I look at the news Read more >

Sports Conflict Institute Founder, Joshua Gordon, interviewed on Front Office Sports

Sports Conflict Institute Founder, Joshua Gordon, interviewed on Front Office Sports. Read Interview Read more >

The Oregonian’s Connor Letourneau on NCAA College Basketball

In this episode of SCI Talk, we explore College Basketball with Connor Letourneau of The Oregonian. He discusses the issues and controversies surrounding college basketball today, and suggests Read more >

Conversation with NBA Expert Steve Kyler

In this episode of SCI Talk, we explore the NBA with Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders. He discusses issues and perspectives concerning the NBA, and some of the developing ideas and concepts Read more >

Issues in Advertising on NBA Jerseys

Recently, there has been talk in the NBA sphere of developing a system to place advertisements on jerseys. The issue of jersey advertisement has been lingering for some time, but has garnered Read more >

Event Management: Plan for the Worst

When managing an event, organizers must always be wary of one very crucial detail, Murphy’s Law is in effect.  No matter how well you plan, there is always a chance for a fiasco.  In a Read more >

Why Sports Mediation Can Improve Team Performance

As a practitioner in appropriate dispute resolution, I often like to look back on my experiences prior to entering the field.  Having around a decade of business management experience, coaching Read more >

Is Mediation in Sports Best for Fans?

Conflicts in sports – especially those in high-profile sports leagues – differ from many other high-profile conflicts due to the nature of stakeholders in the conflict. Fans of players, teams, Read more >

NCAA Reform: Autonomy Issues

With the upcoming NCAA reform, Sport Conflict Institute recently discussed ideas, problems, and possible solutions with tenured University of Nebraska Law Professor, Jo Potuto. The esteemed Read more >

Reinventing the NCAA: A Conversation with Faculty Athletics Representative Jo Potuto

In this episode of SCI TV, we explore the theme of Reinventing the NCAA with the University of Nebraska’s Josephine Potuto. She discusses issues and perspectives regarding reinventing the NCAA, Read more >

Group Dynamics in Sport with Dr. Mark Eys

Sports Conflict Institute’s Joshua Gordon and Dr. Ken Pendleton discuss group dynamics with guest Dr. Mark Eys, co-author of Group Dynamics in Sport. They cover elements of group cohesion, it’s Read more >

Cornell University’s Jen Baker Discusses Leadership Development on SCI TV

With leadership such an important element of team success, Sports Conflict Institute’s Joshua Gordon and Dr. Ken Pendleton recently spoke with Jen Baker, the Director of the Big Red Leadership Read more >

SCI TV Examines Bullying in Professional and NCAA Sports with Suffolk University Law School Professor David Yamada

According to Suffolk University Law School Professor David Yamada, the commitment to create healthier workplaces for athletes on all levels must come from within the organizations themselves. No Read more >

Sports Conflict Institute Announces NCAA Student-Athlete Experience Assessment

With the complexity of intercollegiate athletics, both administrators and coaches understand that the student-athlete experience across all teams needs to be consistent with university mission, Read more >

Exploring Team Dynamics, Trust, and Cooperation in Sports

In this episode of SCI Talk, we explore team dynamics in the world of college and professional sports with Doug Staneart of The Leaders Institute. He discusses the importance of team dynamics and Read more >

How the NFL Should Respond to the Ray Rice Incident

The National Football League made a clear and undeniable mistake in its initial handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident. Even prior to the full video release by TMZ, it is nearly Read more >

How To Develop Life Skills for Athletes

How do athletes learn skills such as leadership or conflict management? What do coaches and administrators need to know in fostering development of these skills? A Fundamental Disconnect Often Read more >

Athlete Hazing Discussion with’s Emily Pualwan

In this episode of SCI TV, we explore the theme of Athlete Hazing with Associate Executive Director of, Emily Pualwan. She discusses the types of issues concerning hazing Read more >

NCAA Football Guarantee Games

Guarantee Games in NCAA Football

For years now, smaller schools around the nation have been traveling to play bigger and better opponents on the road early in the season. These guarantee games have benefits for both schools. The Read more >

Addressing College Football’s Attendance Decline

After more than 25 years, my oldest childhood friend just decided to give up his season tickets for football at the University of Florida. I asked Jimmy why. I asked him if it was because he was Read more >

Student-Athletes In Transition: Secrets to Success

With the start of a new academic year, college athletes and coaches prepare for another season and often a whole new environment. They encounter new team members, the pressures of performance and Read more >

A Conversation with Yale University’s Steve Conn on NCAA Football

In this episode of SCI Talk, we explore the world of NCAA college football with Yale University’s Associate Athletics Director Sports Publicity, and Primary Media Contact for Football, Steve Read more >

locker room

LGBTs in Locker Rooms

In February 2014, a lobbyist tried to introduce a bill to the House that would ban gay players from the NFL. Lobbyist Jack Burkman deemed it a “horrifying prospect” for moms to think about their Read more >

Prevent Bullying with a Healthy Locker Room Culture

Why do we often allow sports culture to deviate so far from societal norms? Why is bullying often an accepted norm in sports, or, frankly, why is bullying behavior often not recognized as Read more >

The Effects of Bullying In Sports

Having participated in more than half a dozen different team sports for more than twenty years, I have witnessed and been the target of bullying in sports often. At times, the behavior of my Read more >

Major League Soccer: How to Increase TV Ratings

Major League Soccer has never had it so good. The league is expanding, the values of franchises are rising, and attendance figures to reach 19,000 per match in the next season or two. The huge Read more >

Athlete Transitions – A Runner’s Perspective

An important, yet regularly overlooked area of an athlete’s life is that of transitions.  As an athlete seeking to maximize his talent and performance, one does not just put himself through a Read more >

Harvard University Athletic Director Shares Thoughts on Intercollegiate Athletics

In this episode of SCI Talk, we are joined by Bob Scalise – Harvard University’s Director of Athletics – to discuss the role of Athletic Directors and Administrators in intercollegiate Read more >

Reputational Risk in Intercollegiate Athletics

In this episode of SCI Talk, we take on the issue of reputational risk in intercollegiate athletics. Specifically, how should we value reputation as its own currency not unlike dollars for wins? Read more >

Apologizing For Performance Enhancing Drugs

I love watching the Tour de France.  Unfortunately, the event also serves as a reminder to me of the oft-felt disappointment when great athletes get caught using performance enhancing drugs. Read more >

The Culture of Silence Surrounding Performance Enhancing Drugs

Why do clean athletes remain silent alongside their cheating counterparts? It is often perplexing that few competitors outwardly and actively join in the condemnation of “enhanced” Read more >

PEDs: Why Should Sports be Fair?

By way of defending himself, Tommy Fitton, who, perhaps, did more than anyone else to propagate the use of steroids, once rhetorically asked, “Life isn’t fair, so why should sports be Read more >

The Roots of Brazilian Soccer’s Implosion

Brazilians like to distinguish between futebol arte and futebol resultados, soccer of art and soccer of results, but for the last 32 years the people running Brazilian soccer have maintained that Read more >

Sports Conflict Institute Launches Conflict Management e-Learning in Partnership with Kilmann Diagnostics

The Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) announced a partnership with Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) to offer conflict management e-learning courses to athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters in Read more >

Sports Conflict Institute Creates Knowledge Center for Athletes, Coaches, Administrators, and Supporters to Better Understand, Prevent, and Resolve Conflict in Sports

The Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) announced that it has developed and launched a knowledge center for athletes coaches, administrators, and supports to better understand, prevent, and resolve Read more >

Unmanaged Stress and Distractions Threaten Athletic Performance for Top Athletes

What was Usain Bolt’s biggest threat at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? Was it Tyson Gay, then reigning world champion in the 100m and 200m? Asafa Powell, whose world record Bolt had broken Read more >

Luis Suarez Biting Incidents Raises Concerns of Mental Health in Athletes

“For the third time in his career, Luis Suarez appeared to bite an opponent. This raises a number of issues regarding mental health and other preventative measures that could be taken Read more >

Is Athletic Performance Enhanced by Creating an Enemy Image of the Competition?

While watching the USA Track and Field Championships from my home late last week, I was struck by the difference in how two athletes interacted with their fellow competitors following their Read more >

Changing the Game for Intercollegiate Athletic Programs and the NCAA

There is no shortage of problems on and off the field of play. National headlines highlight concerns about recruiting, sexual abuse, off-field violence, academic fraud, bullying and other issues Read more >

“I want to start my own foundation”

As we head into draft season for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and others, we will soon be hearing the well-intentioned enthusiasm from many newly drafted professional athletes who have “made Read more >

Philanthropy: The Road to Heaven Is Paved With Good Will

The philosopher Immanuel Kant made a distinction between good intentions and good will, effectively explaining why the road to hell is paved with the former. No one who hosts a party wants a Read more >

Do Coaches Bear Enough of the Risk that Comes with Recruiting High-Risk Student-Athletes?

The University of Oregon recruited Brandon Austin despite the fact that he had been suspended for the season by Providence College last December. It is important to note that basketball coach Read more >

Mental Health in Athletes

“The athlete has unique stressors and triggers that are not found in the regular student. They’re away from home, they miss holidays, they miss family events, a lot of them miss their Read more >

SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, Discusses University of Oregon Global Ambassador Course in Conjunction with the 2014 IAAF Junior World Championships

A select group of UO students will serve as ambassadors for this summer’s 2014 Junior World Track Championships —the first time the event has been held in the United States or on any university Read more >

SCI Advisory Board Member, Dr. Helen Neville, elected as foreign associate by National Academy of Science

The National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday elected UO brain scientist and Sports Conflict Institute Advisory Board Member Helen J. Neville as one of 21 foreign associates from 15 countries. Read more >

Silver’s Sterling Problem

Donald Sterling bought the San Diego Clippers in 1981. By 1982, the NBA knew it had a serious problem, after Sterling fell behind on paychecks and violated the collective bargaining agreement by Read more >

SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, to Speak at PAADS Summit in NYC

SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, will be presenting along with John Zinsser at the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS) Summit at Major League Baseball’s Read more >

The Search for Commitment: Why Coaches and Parents Should View Punishment as a Last Resort

In 1959, American sociologists John French and Bertram Raven published a seminal article dividing power into five categories: Legitimate power came with the job description of holding a certain Read more >

Apocalypse, Not Now: Would Unionization Really Entail Radical Change for College Sports?

At the end of the day, after the various courts have had their say, the relationship between the NCAA and football and men’s basketball players at the largest institutions is going to take Read more >

Will SEC Dominance Increase With A Four-Team Playoff?

If the college football recruiting evaluation services are accurate, which over the long-haul they usually are, Tennessee had a heck of a day on Wednesday. The Vols, who have raced through Read more >

The Existential Meaning of the Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys’ Duane Thomas did his level best to put the Super Bowl in perspective. Having grown weary of a seemingly endless stream on inane questions, he finally posed one of his own: Read more >

Acting Like You Have Never Been There Before

We have been recycling the same culture war for nearly 50 years, since Cassius Clay filled the once quiet air with bombast—“I must be the greatest!”—after shocking the world by beating Sonny Read more >

The Root of Football’s Violence Problem

With so much emphasis on making football safer, it’s worth looking back at how the game developed and why change won’t come easy. The dye was cast before the 20th century and the best Read more >

Bad Apples?

Great emphasis is placed on the bad things athletes do.  Putting aside for a moment whether or not professional (or collegiate) athletes break the law at a greater rate than the average Read more >

A Good Teacher Is A Good Coach

It has often been said that good coaches are good teachers. Indeed, good coaches teach their players how to practice, manage their time, work with their teammates, handle adversity, etc. But, Read more >

A Simple Suggestion to Teach Leadership

Why are there coaches on the sidelines during games? If we take seriously the idea that the primary purpose of sports is moral training (I am not sure this should be the primary focus, but that Read more >

The Sanity Code

It is easy to understand why NCAA president Mark Emmert has steadfastly maintained that student-athletes are not employees. After all, the ideal of amateurism is built on the principle that Read more >

When Is Too Young?

When you work in the youth sports field, you are reminded constantly of the fact that there are plenty of parents out there who either over-value their child’s athletic ability; over-rate Read more >

Do American Owners Understand the EPL Landscape?

Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan recently purchased a controlling interest in an English Premier League (EPL) soccer club Fulham in a deal thought to be worth between $250-300 million. Read more >

Bearing the Costs of High-Risk Athletes

Let me see if I can summarize what USA Today recently reported about an incident involving Aaron Hernandez and, believe it or not, Tim Tebow. The two of the them were at a night-spot, called the Read more >

The Key to Ethical Reform

Sport has never really recovered from the bad name the Romans gave it. The Greeks held athletic competition in very high esteem, putting it on the same pedestal as music, theater, and sculpture. Read more >

Being a Sports Fan B.C.–Before Cable

The operation of my ‘51 inch plasma TV requires the use of six remote controls. They operate two DVD players (one for recording and one that plays discs from any region in the world), a Blu-ray Read more >

The Genius of Coaching Less

On a recent podcast of Radiolab, Secrets of Success, Malcolm Gladwell, the author of: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Read more >

Adult Education and Sports

Most critics and defenders of sports share the assumption that the worth of sports should be measured by the extent to which it has a civilizing effect on the performers and spectators. George Read more >

Dreams of a Better Athlete?

When I was growing up, nothing thrilled me more than long summer days and the promise of getting the neighborhood kids together for wiffle ball; or pick-up basketball; or touch football; Read more >

ASK SCI: Process for Helping Coaches Communicate with Parents?

Q. I am a parent on a small kids swim team. We have a coach who doesn’t communicate well with some parents. Unhappy parents have created a rift of criticism through gossip and a shared Read more >

Why Hasn’t Soccer Arrived?

Soccer has arrived. Soccer is one the verge of arriving. Or soccer will never arrive. That’s the debate that resurfaces every time the sport captures headlines in the US. The subject first Read more >

Promotion and Relegation: The Greed of American Exceptionalism

Today, stories surfaced that foreign owners, including many American ones, are keen to abolish relegation and promotion from the English Premier League. This silly idea has to be taken somewhat Read more >

Whereas Fans Are Fed Up

Whereas the National Hockey League can lock out players and thus jeopardize the whole season for the second time in a decade; Whereas the owner of Manchester United can plunge one of the richest Read more >