University of Oregon has previously implemented a system in support of student-athlete development. SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, worked with the student-athlete staff to revise the system when it became clear that it was not encouraging the behaviors they were hoping to when they had originally developed it.


After an initial interview to understand the goals and behaviors desired, the previous system was tested and was consistently not rewarding the correct behaviors. For example, more points were awarded for attending a Volleyball Game then for creating a Resume'.


The system was entirely re-developed and tested against the past three years of student-athlete behavior and the outcomes aligned to exactly the type of recognition expected for those who were clearly doing the development tasks identified as most critical to their off-field success. This system was implemented and has proven to a valuable student-athlete development tool.


System was fully implemented with desired outcomes.

Categories :

  • Personal Development: Attendance at a workshop, event, or campus organization (stress management, drug/alcohol, health forum, etc.)
  • Academic Development: Team GPA calculated each term, attending professor's office hours
  • O Heroes & Community Service: Time spent serving those in the Eugene/Springfield Community
  • Career Development: Time spent preparing for the working world
  • SAAC Attendance: Attendance at SAAC meetings
  • Athletic Development: Attendance at a Duck Competitions, Team winning percentages,championship results, being nominated for awards

Point System:

  • Each team will be rewarded points based on each category’s criteria. Click here to see the point system .
  • Points can be submitted at any time during the term in which they were earned.
  • Points will be posted in the newsletter, online, and at SAAC meetings