What’s the best way to handle a specific conflict, issue, challenge, or problem you find yourself in? How can you better understand the situation and find opportunity for a good outcome? How can you ensure a fair process?

Nobody is Immune to Conflict

None of us are entirely immune to conflict and its destructive impact. While conflict can be the catalyst for change and positive outcomes, most often this results from a concerted effort to assess and intervene with purpose in that conflict.

Conflict Requires Expertise

In sports, coaches, administrators, athletes, and others are in their roles because of their developed expertise in their sport and role. At SCI, we have a well-developed set of tools and years of experience for quickly assessing and intervening in conflict to ensure more positive outcomes. Conflict advising can mitigate the myriad costs that can stem from an incident or situation.

Early Intervention Reduces Costs

The early moments after an acute incident are often the most important in determining what the subsequent costs to the individual, team, or organization might face. These costs of conflict can – and should – be minimized with confidential conflict advising support.

Conflict Can Harm Performance

Conflicts in sports occur frequently because of the pressure of competition. It can transpire any time before, during, or after competition when athletes are most stressed or excited. Such conflicts are amplified in expression and feeling due to the athletes’ strong need and desire to win. Conflicts among athletes, or between an athlete and coach, can destroy an entire career in a short period of time. Athletes may spend 15-20 years training (e.g. to compete and win in the Olympic Games), but if 3 months before the competition they get involved in a serious conflict, it can destroy all their hard work and effort put forth preparing for a major event. Conflict may even cause athletes to withdraw from competition. Seemingly trivial incidents can become very crucial when maximum performance and results are called for.

Conflict Advising Expertise and Deep Toolbox

SCI has extensive experience and myriad tools for Identifying the nature of the conflict, and finding solutions.

These tools include:

Expert Conlfict Advising Team

SCI Team members staff are experts in dealing with the most complicated, challenging conflicts and can support you in understanding your conflict and developing a clear path forward. 

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