Concerned about the costs of conflict on your sports team or organization? Are problems limiting success on and off the field of play? Is it unclear for your athletes, coaches, administrators and supports where they should go when they have a concern? Do you get consistent, clear feedback about how to do things better?

Types of Problems Faced

Conflict Management Systems are designed to address a range of sports problems faced. These include:

  • Bullying & Hazing
  • Relationships
  • Administrative Challenges
  • Athlete Retention
  • Off-Field Distractions and “Strains of the Games”
  • Legal Issues
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Unwritten Rules Violations
  • Substance Abuse & PEDS
  • Domestic Violence
  • Motivational Challenges
  • Locker-Room Culture
  • LGBT
  • Misinformation
  • Rumors
  • Media / Social Networking
  • More…

Impact of Unmanaged Conflict

  • Greater legal costs
  • Diminished engagement by administrators, coaches, and athletes
  • Decreased retention
  • Reduced productivity and performance
  • Wasted time that would better be spent elsewhere
  • Culture erosion
  • Damaged reputation
  • Suppressed motivation
  • Loss of revenues
  • Decreased wins

Conflict Management Systems stairway

Conflict Management Systems

Conflict Management Systems involve the creation of a set of conflict management processes to help a team or organization better manage a particular conflict and/or a continuous stream or series of conflicts.  SCI is experienced in assessing your team or organizations needs and designing and implementing an effective CMS that is customized to the specific types of conflict most in need of effective management.

Team Accountability

Specific to teams is a subset of CMS, called Team Accountability Design (TAD) that most often features both a reward and punishment system developed to directly align with the established team goals and core values of the coaching staff and designated team leaders.

Sample Framework for Assessing Conflict Management Systems

Analytic Framework for Dispute Systems Design

Sports Ombuds

One of the most innovative and effective systems for handling issues in sports is the SCI Sports Ombuds Model. Typically, this model yields a 300% return on investment for the implementing sports organization. SCI is an expert at establishing an effective Ombuds function for your organization and can even staff the office for you.

Return on Investment

Sports teams and organizations should invest in Conflict Management Systems, including Sports Ombuds roles, with an expectation of a return on their investment. Returns are economic, organizational, and humanistic.


  • Expanded productivity
  • Increased retention
  • Preserved administrator and coaching time
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Advanced team and athlete development
  • Reduced conflict process and outcome costs
  • Improved reputation and brand
  • Optimized performance


  • Supplemented programs, such as compliance, to allow those functions to operate more effectively
  • Heightened transparency
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Maximized personal responsibility
  • Increased ethical and compliant behavior


  • Increased engagement and motivation
  • Strengthened trust
  • Expanded fairness
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Heightened respect
  • Improved and preserved relationships
  • Reduced incivility (bullying / hazing / sabotage)
  • Better public image

An administrator, coach, or athlete are all more productive and perform their roles at a higher level when not in conflict.

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