Marc Greenbaum is a Professor of Law and Co-Director of Labor and Employment Law Concentration at Suffolk University Law School.  Professor Greenbaum is an experienced labor arbitrator and remains one of the most sought after neutrals for handling challenging cases. In addition to his own professional accomplishments, he has been instrumental in educating and advising his current and former students – developing an impressive portfolio of success stories along the way.

What Is Going On In Deflategate?

Mr. Greenbaum explains that litigation is pending and the Judge is very aggressively pushing a settlement option. However, Tom Brady and the NFLPA have little reason to settle because they do not have much to lose.

“There is not a huge incentive to settle for the union,” Greenbaum said.

Greenbaum notes that a major issue in this case with the NFL and Commisioner Roger Goodell is regarding “the role that the NFL’s general counsel played in helping Ted Wells ‘edit the report.”

“If the NFLPA is going to prevail anywhere it is on the theory that [Commissioner] Goodell violated something by hearing the case,” Greenbaum said.

Impact On The NFL

Greenbaum brings up an issue that the NFL should be extremely concerned with and that is how this on going case is going to impact the NFL and the start of the season. While making headlines over the last few years for the wrong reasons, Goodell and the NFL do not need to begin the season with another controversy being fought out in court.

“Something which I haven’t seen much discussion about, but at some point has to be within the consciousness of the league is the impact of an ongoing proceeding on the integrity of the regular season,” Greenbaum said.

Greenbaum adds that the reason this controversy is growing and making headlines is to benefit Roger Goodell.

“It may be that the commissioner views this as an opportunity to reclaim his credibility,” Greenbaum said.