When so many other factors in sport are very similar, it is how well the ‘people side’ is managed that differentiates the mediocre from the truly great. Conflict can occur with people of different DISC styles due to their conflicting priorities. DISC profiling builds the self-awareness you need as a coach, an athlete, or sports professional, to take your performance from relying on talent alone to systematically achieving peak performance. SCI uses Athlete Assessments’ DISC profiles created and used specifically for sport.

What is DISC?

DISC measures a persons degree of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious behavior. Everyone has their unique level of each in the context of their role in sport. (Other profiling tools say you are this or that. DISC measures as a scale which is more accurate and useful; and allows rapid comparisons to be made.)DISC’s primary purpose is developing self-awareness and providing a framework to understand, then build effective relationships with others. Why is this important? Because in sport, what differentiates the best is never just physical or technical ability. Instead, it is who has the best mental, emotional and relationship skills. DISC Profiling provides practical strategies to improve performance through:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Understanding motivators
  • Better conflict skills
  • More productive relationships
  • Tailoring coaching, and
  • Identifying how each person contributes their best.

The insights are critical in all facets of establishing a winning culture in both team or individual contexts.

Each assessment includes a 12 minute online survey and results in a personalized DISC Profile Report (with summaries for easy use). It details the individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviors, communication preferences and the environment they perform best in.

The Athlete DISC Profile

Geared for understanding athletes, the Athlete DISC Profile provides an understanding of key behavioral tendencies necessary to understand along with practical strategies to attain peak performance.

The Coach DISC Profile

A distinguishing factor of truly great coaches is their constant pursuit of how to maximize the performance of their athletes and team. One critical aspect in building a winning culture is for coaches to understand their own styles and that of their fellow coaches and staff along with their athletes.

 The Sports Manager DISC Profile

The team behind the team – sports administrators and all of the critical staff that engage with coaches and athletes – are a critical part of the peak performance cultural ecosystem. This report provides a comprehensive understanding in how these colleagues work best and provides prescriptive insights into how to better communicate and manage conflict.

Download the SCI DISC Behavioral Profiles for Sport Brochure