The Outside the Box / Inside the Ring® conflict resolution curriculum was originally developed by SCI Founder, Joshua Gordon, and Joseph Morrissey while graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Boston Graduate Program on Dispute Resolution  in the late 1990s. It was extremely well-received and offered as an open-source curriculum used in over 30 countries.

The curriculum has adapted over time and is now a cutting-edge, experiential curriculum introducing basic conflict resolution skills in sports through the Sports Conflict Institute.

Conflict skills need to be learned and practiced as they are not inherently individual development. Like any skill in sports, it must be taught through deliberate practice and is not something that can simply be read and absorbed. With the virtual extinction of sandlot sports, the need to explicitly introduce these skills at all levels of sport is greater than ever.


  • Fair Factor 
  • What’s Up?
  • Do You Speak Conflict?
  • Dudes, Whose Shoes?
  • Say What?
  • How Can You Win When I Win?
  • Be A Leader!

The foundational materials can be adapted to address the specific sports-conflict related problems encountered most in your sports organization.

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