What changes are needed for your sports team or organization? How effective are your policies and procedures at ensuring performance on and off the field? What questions need to be answered to provide a clear direction and ensure resources are being invested in the best manner possible?


SCI has significant expertise research and evaluation in sports.  Our engagements begin with an assessment of your organization or team’s specific goals and needs and then you are presented with a research plan with a timeline and specific outputs.

Validity and Reliability

SCI Team Members have deep background in research design to ensure validity and reliability in data collection and analysis.

Methods and Scope

Research may include:

  • Descriptive and prescriptive evaluations
  • Data collection, including interviews, surveys, focus groups, bench-marking, expert reviews, document reviews, process observations, and more
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Designed to Preserve Relationship and Ensure Information Flow

SCI is especially adept at designing research methods that ensure information flow without leaving individuals vulnerable to retaliation. Typically, we design our efforts to ensure that data is collected in an aggregate, non-attributable manner so that organizational decision can be made while protecting individuals who might otherwise be reluctant to share key information.

Actionable Answers

Our team is capable of expertly handling research and evaluation challenges large and small and pride ourselves in carefully customizing and tailoring all data collection instruments to ensure they effectively answer the question, clearly report findings, and prescribe actionable next steps.

Begin With A Question

All good research begins with a good question. We look forward to working with you on yours.

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