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Mental Health and Sports Psychology


Brendan McLean discusses the stigma of mental health, and how it affects the world of sports. As the culture holds onto the idea that mental health issues are signs of weakness, much damage is Read more >

Eating disorders do occur in male athletes. They are less prominent than in female athletes, and therefore in danger of being missed. The high-risk sports fall into the same categories as with Read more >

Treating athletes who develop psychiatric illness requires understanding the importance of sports in the patient’s life. Athletes may form an identity based on participation in sports, and Read more >

One of the sorely neglected areas in athletic-injury psychology is age-related differences in antecedents and consequences of injury.  Most of the researchers to date have investigated injury Read more >

Case Studies

Mental health issues, whether in the form of personality disorders, depression, or other illnesses, are stigmatized in much of the sports world. This can be explained through a variety of Read more >


The full range of mental health concerns found in the general student population can also be seen in student-athletes attending a university or college. The National Athletic Trainers’ Read more >

When you think of a student-athlete’s health, you probably are inclined to think primarily of the person’s physical/medical condition and what effect the injury will have on athletic performance. Read more >

The benefits of sport are well recognized: organized athletics builds self-esteem, promotes physical conditioning, enhances skills, teaches the value of teamwork and sets a foundation for Read more >


One of the most promising young Canadian tennis players of her generation, Rebecca Marino made a remarkable—and remarkably mature—decision to halt her career and deal with the depression she had Read more >

In this episode of SCI TV, we take on the topic of mental health in sports. This important, but much neglected, topic is of critical importance for any administrator, coach, or athlete. Only MLB Read more >


The American Psychiatric Association offers resources dealing with athletes and mental health. “Because athletes appear very healthy physically, people may assume that they must be healthy Read more >

P.A.S.T. Retired Athletes Medical Resource Group is an independent medical organization that provides extensive medical, pain management, diagnostic, surgical and behavioral health services Read more >