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This study explored the philanthropic landscape of professional athletes and their charitable foundations. This research also investigated factors influencing the formation of philanthropic Read more >

Pollick and Sandler discuss the mismanagement of athletes’ charities and foundations. From their article, “Athlete A starts a foundation with the best of intentions. Through Read more >

Investigative piece from the Boston Globe on February 24, 2013 highlighting pitfalls of some athlete philanthropy when done poorly. Read: In nonprofit game, many athletes post losing records Read more >

This issue focuses on athletes and entertainers who have captured our imagination with their presence on the playing field, stage and screen. These individuals have not only entertained us, they Read more >

Many professional athletes want to include charitable giving as part of their budget, legacy and brand.  The ins and outs of philanthropy are not widely understood. Financial advisors, agents, Read more >

Athlete-supported charities and foundations have become increasingly popular forms of philanthropy in the professional sport landscape. However, a paucity of research has examined whether the Read more >

2005 chart showing what athletes are giving to what causes. What Athletes Are Giving Read more >


Marc Pollick offers helpful insights to assist athletes in overcoming the daunting challenge of giving back in an effective and efficient manner. The article discusses commonly asked questions by Read more >

This tool offers insight into what a philanthropy truly is, how it differs from other forms of giving back, and how engaging in philanthropy can be done the right way. The slides show that Read more >


In this episode of SCI TV, we explore the topic of athletes and philanthropy. Athletes have the power to do tremendous good and have substantial impact but the means for doing so are complex and Read more >

The former NBA star-turned-humanitarian tells the story behind building the first modern hospital in 40 years in his home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Interviewed during the Read more >

Emily Cook is more than just an athlete, the 2x Winter Olympian shared her success in the philanthropy world with Jermaine Seagears and was featured on Life After Sportz Skype Campaign “We Read more >

Christopher Schrader is a 21 year old Dutch/Hong Kong endurance athlete, social entrepreneur and charity activist. He completed a 600 km hike across the base of England at age 16 and in 2010, Read more >


Kick Them Back, Inc. (KTB) is a charitable organization that specializes in collecting new and gently used athletic shoes to be provided to students and young athletes in need across the globe. Read more >

Philanthropy – Investing in a nonprofit organization either by donating to existing entities, creating something new or helping to run an existing organization, should be treated like any Read more >