In the intricate world of sports business and governance, negotiation is not just a skill—it’s a core competency. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking book that is set to redefine the way sports organizations approach negotiation: “Strategic Negotiation: Building Organizational Excellence”.

Authored by Joshua Gordon and Gary Furlong, renowned experts in the field of sports negotiation and conflict resolution, this book is a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower sports organizations to navigate complex negotiations with strategic foresight and confidence.

“Strategic Negotiation: Building Organizational Excellence” takes a dramatically different approach to negotiation. Instead of focusing solely on individual negotiation skills, it emphasizes the importance of the internal culture and environment that shape and guide these individuals. It provides a clear diagnostic framework with specific approaches and processes that leaders can use to build a negotiation function that aligns with organizational strategy at all levels and succeeds every time.

The book introduces the Negotiation Capability Model (NCM), a unique framework that allows organizations to evaluate and improve their negotiation capabilities systematically. The NCM is explored in depth across several chapters, each focusing on a different level of the model—Repeatable Competence, Adaptive Flexibility, and Optimized Performance—providing a structured pathway for organizations to evolve their negotiation proficiency.

In addition to the NCM, the book also presents the Negotiation Assessment Tool (NAT), a diagnostic tool that helps individuals and organizations assess their negotiation aptitude. It offers valuable insights into one’s negotiation strengths and areas that need improvement, enabling a targeted approach to skill development.

The book is not just theoretical; it also provides practical tools and guides for assessment, planning, and reflection, along with a curated list of resources. It showcases the many forms of success that can be achieved when the NCM is applied, making it a valuable resource for any role where negotiation matters.

“Strategic Negotiation: Building Organizational Excellence” is set to be a game-changer in sports business and governance. It addresses the critical need for strategic negotiation skills in an era where sports organizations are dealing with complex issues that require complex problem solving skills to not just survive, but thrive.

Explore this groundbreaking book and discover how strategic negotiation can transform your organization and the wider sports industry. Visit the publisher’s website to learn more about the book and how you can get your copy.

The future of sports business and governance starts with strategic negotiation. Are you ready to embrace it?