In this episode of SCI TV, we explore the topic of athletes and philanthropy. Athletes have the power to do tremendous good and have substantial impact but the means for doing so are complex and wrought with many pitfalls. Numerous stories exist of foundations that fall far short of their stated missions and, in rare cases, some that are downright fraudulent. Our guest, Jenny Goldstock Wright of Wishbone Consulting Group, is an expert philanthropic advisor who helps in avoiding the many potential pitfalls and shares thoughts on how to truly have the impact desired. About Jenny Goldstock Wright: Jenny is a Co-Founder and Principal of Wishbone Consulting Group, LLC and its leads its philanthropic advisory and program consultant teams. As a philanthropic advisor, Jenny advises foundations, trusts, families, individuals and professional athletes on how to donate their charitable dollars efficiently and effectively. Jenny has created several private foundations and nonprofit organizations on behalf of her clients beginning with the research and proper due diligence into the need for a new community based intervention and/or charitable giving vehicle for the client, including the filing of all appropriate state and federal paperwork and ending with a fully functioning program (mission, evaluation method, board and by-laws, staff, sustainability plan). As a program consultant, Jenny performs crisis management within leadership, strategic planning for organizations growth, and creates opportunities for organizations and leaders to work in collaboration and ready the organization for corporate and foundation dollars. Jenny’s strength as an advisor comes from her deep experience on all sides of creating and funding successful programs. In 1999, soon after receiving her Masters Degree in Education, Jenny co-founded and was the founding Executive Director of Schools, Mentoring and Resource Team (SMART), an education-based nonprofit serving at-risk adolescents, and remains a member of its Board of Directors. In addition to her work establishing, directing and sustaining nonprofit organizations focused on education and youth services, such as SMART, Jenny worked for private foundations helping private and corporate donors identify and strengthen giving practices. Her background gives her a holistic approach, working with clients to do more than simply give advice. Jenny is actively involved on behalf of those clients, creating new programs, establishing new systems within existing programs, correcting problems within management structures, and evaluating success to instill best practices Jenny received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Skidmore College and her Master of Education from Harvard University.

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