Do you, an an athlete, coach, or administrator handle conflict as effectively as you need to? Do you understand your conflict style and how to best interact with others of different styles? Do you have effective tool for understanding a particular situation and planning an effective path forward?

Communication Skills Are Not Enough

Communication skills do not equate to effective sports conflict management skills. Much like the specific skills we learn in sports, we must engage in the theory and then use deliberate practice to develop and improve our skills for being able to minimize the negative impact of destructive conflict and to work toward being able to effectively use incidents of conflict as a catalyst for growth and change.

Sports Conflict Management Skills Are Teacheable

Too often, we expect athletes, coaches, administrators, and other key stakeholders in sports to simply possess this core competency or somehow learn it organically.  Rather than hope for the best, sports conflict management skills are teachable and they are based on years of research and study, which are designed to ensure that we handle situations on and off the field effectively.

Cutting-Edge Training

SCI has developed a number of sports specific training approaches and provides customized sports conflict management skills training for sports organizations and teams to address the types of problems most likely to be encountered in your sport and your level.

Appropriate for All Stakeholders

Conflict management skills are critical for a variety for stakeholders and groups found in athletics:

  • Administrators
  • Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC)
  • NCAA Compliance
  • Faculty Athletic Representatives (FAR)
  • Life Skills Coordinators
  • Athlete Development Specialists
  • Academic Advisers
  • Leadership Development Staff
  • Others

Training Based on Assessed Needs

All training engagements begin with an assessment of your needs and rely on a combination of theory and skill practice.

Sample Courses

Sports Conflict Management Courses and workshops include:

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