High profile issues in sports always capture public attention. Recent domestic abuse, sexual assault, and bullying incidents have raised important questions about our sports culture. What lessons can we learn from these destructive incidents and how can we use sports to positively impact society? A new documentary for public television will offer fresh perspective on these issues. The production company In America, hosted by industry veteran James Earl Jones, is partnering with the Sports Conflict Institute to bring together thought leaders from around the industry to discuss challenges in competitive sports and how sports can be used to make a positive impact.

James Earl Jones on Important Issues in Society

Hosted by James Earl Jones, In America specializes in producing high quality programming to public television stations nationwide on a wide range of timely, public interest topics. Episodes use key subject matter experts to illuminate the pressing issues on a variety of education, health, the environment, and business topics. Past guests include former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, President George H. W. Bush, and Barbara Moser of the FBI.

“This project will really give voice to why conflict in sports matters in society,” said Joshua Gordon, Founder of SCI. “Negative incidents usually write headlines, but we want to highlight what’s being done to resolve these issues and transform sports for the better.”

In America and James Earl Jones decided to focus on issues in competitive sports in part because of recent high profile incidents of negative off field behavior from star athletes. The documentary will cover domestic abuse, sexual assault, bullying and hazing incidents, and how these issues have and should be addressed.

 High Profile Thought Leaders

In addition to SCI experts, special guests for the episode will include thought leaders from all aspects of the sports industry, ranging from respected coaches, agents, athletes, scholars and public officials. These leaders have used their influence and humility to positively influence the organizations they’ve worked in and the wider industry.

“We are excited to welcome very respected leaders to the project and to work with James Earl Jones and the expert team at In America to deliver a first class documentary,” Gordon said.
The segment will be featured on public television and distributed across a wide variety of social media channels. Production is scheduled for the summer with an air date to be announced later.