How can you ensure that your sports event quickly and adeptly handles issues as they inevitably arise? How can you train your staff, volunteers, and other key personnel to manage conflict effectively? What policies, procedures, and structures are most cost effective in dealing with problems?

Time Sensitive

Event management is filled with time-sensitive, critical tasks prior to the big event that determine whether or not your sporting event is a success. But how do you manage the inevitable conflicts that arise during your event itself?

Risk Analysis and Conflict Management Systems

SCI can assist by assessing areas of primary risk and exposure, reviewing past practices, sharing best practices, training your staff, designing and implementing a Dispute System, and staffing your event with trained conflict managers and ombuds staff.

Conflict Management Requires Expertise

Sports event staff have many responsibilities to ensure all facets of the event run smoothly. Conflict management is a highly specializes skill set that requires training and or expert help depending on the potential risks and costs if things go wrong. SCI can work with you to develop a clear plan to ensure that expertise is on-site and capable of handing even the most challenging problems that arise.

Fans Provide a Unique Challenge

Fan behavior is particularly challenging at major sports events. The present unique liability issues and crowd behavior presents a greater risk of conflict.

Cost Effective

Event Conflict Management is a cost-effective way to minimize the negative impact of destructive conflict and ensure creative solutions are found in real-time. Furthermore, SCI can provide a detailed report highlighting incidents, concerns, and issues to help inform preparations for your next sports event. One bad incident can ruin an entire event.

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