Are you getting the best outcome possible out of your sports negotiation? Do you have a well-researched, effective process for ensuring your interests are met? Do you anticipate areas of impasse and have creative solutions prepared to overcome these difficult negotiation points?

Sports negotiation strategies are often of critical importance. Bringing in a specialist to assess and advise you on your negotiation can provide specific, actionable advice for how best to prepare and proceed. Process and outcomes are nuanced and require expertise that go well beyond conventional wisdom and street smarts.

Sports Negotiation Strategies Assessment

Assessments are done by negotiation specialists.  A specialist or team of specialists will give you a deep understanding of how best to formulate your specific goals, an area where many negotiations typically fail or fall short.  Assessments are done at an individual or organizational level.  They provide a significant strategic advantage to those that use them.

Interest-Based Approach

SCI follows an interest-based theoretical model and has 20+ years of experience in ensuring positive outcomes for it’s clients.  “Interest based negotiation is an established technique for negotiation in which the parties meet to identify, discuss the issues at hand and attempts to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. It is a positive effort by the parties to resolve a joint dispute in collaboration rather than competition. The main focus of such negotiation is to negotiate on common interests of the parties rather than their relative power or position. It helps to reduce the importance of how the dispute occurred. It creates options that satisfy both mutual and individual interests. Interest based negotiations are also referred to as principled or win-win negotiations or interest based bargaining. This informal process is one of the most important methods of dispute resolution” (

Better Process, Better Outcomes

At an organizational level, an assessment may uncover ways to improve the entire negotiation process, beyond one specific negotiation.  An assessment may also identify specific training needs that will yield a return on your organizational investment.

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