Is your team’s culture creating an environment consistent with your organization’s mission, values, goals, and objectives? Does your team culture support competitive success? Team culture is fundamental and yet not easily understood. Often, an unhealthy culture can go unnoticed and the behaviors can be anywhere from unproductive to downright shocking.
What core competencies are common to the most successful teams? How best to maximize the talent on the field through off-field activities? How do you ensure peak performance for your team?

Core Competencies

SCI has established and identified core competencies consistently found in the most successful organizations and teams. SCI can work with your organization or team to understand a current baseline of competencies and develop a specific strategic plan for to mature your organization or team to ensure optimal performance.

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For short periods of time, a team can win while in chaos. Talent is always a major factor in team success and if you throw enough of it together it will stick, from time to time, without having to align the team in ways apparent at both the Repeatable and Peak Performance levels. However, this represents a major gamble and one that will ultimately result in sub-optimal performance. It’s also an incredibly stressful experience for many administrators, coaches, and athletes to be part of a team in Chaos. Even where there is short-term success on the field, there is often the opposite occurring in other facets of the team.  The teams with continued reputation for success on and off the field do not operate in Chaos.


Repeatable is a good place to be for a team and represents a marked improvement over Chaos. At this level, there tends to be a clear culture and way of doing things for the team. Roles, rules, expectations are all clear. Where teams fall short at this level is in identifying specific characteristics of their athletes and tailoring in nuanced, but important ways to truly achieve Peak Performance given the specific individuals in the tea,


True success, on and off the field, comes from organizational and team competencies that maximize talent in all roles. This is about establishing a team culture with clear values and ways but also identifies purposeful variation in how things are done to leverage the characteristics of the individuals involved. SCI has a full scale assessment instrument to identify gaps and assist in laying the foundation for success.

The Sports Playbook

Based off the key concepts outlined in The Sports Playbook: Building Teams that Outperform, Year after Year, SCI works closely with your organization to establish a high performance culture that maximizes your talent. 

How does Team Culture Develop?

Team Culture forms as a result of shared customs, rituals, beliefs, knowledge, and practices that become common to team members over time.  These common cultural elements are usually passed down from the older team members to the younger team members and are reinforced by existing team leadership.

Understanding Team Culture is Critical

It is critical to understand your team culture. Even the most concerned leaders may struggle to gain accurate insight as to what behaviors happen outside of their purview. Team culture is complicated and develops both organically and through dynamics that may not easily be observed from within.

A Neutral Perspective

A neutral, skilled, external perspective is often necessary to understand and develop a clear path forward. SCI has deep experience in working with teams and organizations on team culture and ensuring that individual experience is what it should be. Furthermore, this understanding is the foundation for a high performing team.

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