Andrea Schenck
Senior Practitioner

Andrea Schenck designs opportunities for people to discover, innovate and communicate in purposeful ways. She is Managing Principal of Pacifica Human Communications, LLC., which she co-founded in 1990 and joins SCI as part of the SCI / PHC partnership. Focusing on the areas of organizational effectiveness, intercultural communications and conflict management, she has developed dynamic and sustainable responses to clients’ communication needs. Having come of age professionally while working for the Japanese government, Schenck is sensitive to the oft-overlooked import and value of collaborative processes to obtain optimum results.

Teaming with clients from the Fortune 500 and global corporations, higher education, and governments, Schenck creates customized: training interventions, design + build programs, and assessment plans. Working from an appreciative approach, she guides clients to focus on existing strengths to amplify their vision and desired results. Like a team comprised of members with a variety of skills, Schenck’s multi-disciplined background incorporates professional development elements from: Summer Institute of Intercultural Communications, Appreciative Inquiry, International Ombudsman Association and Personal Leadership. Schenck received her BA in East Asian Studies from Wittenberg University.

Her playing field extends to community building and creative place making, including most recently serving on the: Central Business District Revitalization Commission, Steering Committee that launched and produced TEDxCharleston 2013, 2014, and the boards of Low Country Local First and Enough Pie. Pacifica is proud to be a sponsor of U.S. Olympic hopeful Carson Crain who is competing to represent the U.S. in windsurfing.