Dina Eisenberg, JD
SCI Advisory Board

Ms. Dina Eisenberg has been a thought leader in the conflict field as a mediator, arbitrator, facilitator, trainer, educator and Ombudsman.

Ms. Eisenberg established her practice Kisima Enterprises, Inc in 1993, and consulted with Fortune-ranked companies like Coca Cola, providing conflict coaching and conflict management training to midlevel managers. She was also provided training as a member of Vantage Partners, a Harvard-affiliated consulting firm.

Ms. Eisenberg served as a mediator on the REDRESS program of the US Postal Service, as well as arbitrator for the CPR Institute in New York. She also served as a member of the Massachusetts Trial Court Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution

Becoming the Corporate Ombudsman for FleetBoston in Boston, she facilitated matters of fairness and equity for a domestic population of over 35,000, engaging nearly 1100 employees per year.

Designed and delivered mediation training for human resources, resulting in an internal team of over 70 mediators and served as adviser in diversity matters.

Established and lead a 10 person project team to create the Diversity Impact Awards, an annual recognition program resulting in 2% company-wide participation in the first year and an increase of 34% in the second year.

Ms Eisenberg has long been an innovator in the field of conflict management. She established an external Ombuds service designed specifically for small businesses under 100. Her work resolving small group conflict has been featured in leading business publications including Entrepreneur and Inc magazines.

Ms. Eisenberg established the Ombuds program at Berklee College of Music, the leading institution for contemporary music in the US, and served as its first Ombudsman.

Working closely with the Office of Diversity, she amplified the voices of underserved communities within the larger community, particularly women and people of color.

Ms. Eisenberg received a commendation from Massachusetts Governor Weld for her role in assisting to resolve racial tensions in the Medford High School riots.

Dina’s interest in sports began with a need for speed. She earned varsity letters in track and volleyball (at 5’2). Dina also enjoyed being a member of her high school kick line, which was part of the marching band.

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