Dr. Cheyney Ryan
SCI Advisory Board

Cheyney Ryan works with the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict, where he is engaged in a multi-year project exploring the relation of pacifism and non-violence to contemporary just war theory. He focuses on the philosophical and historical contexts of these perspectives; he is interested in both their secular and religious forms. His aim is to develop the pacifist alternative in ways that are sensitive to the contemporary reality and challenges of war. He invites inquires from anyone interested in this project.

Professor Ryan has written on these issues for many years, starting with his article “Pacifism, Self Defense, and the Possibility of Killing” (Ethics 1983). His most recent book is War, Sacrifice, and Personal Responsibility (The Chickenhawk Syndrome) (Roman and Littlefield, 2009). His recent articles include “Moral Equality, Conscription, and the Sovereignty-Symmetry Paradox” (in Just and Unjust Warriors, ed. by Henry Shue and David Rodin, Oxford University Press, 2008); “Sovereignty, Soldiering, and the Rise of Alienated War” (in Rethinking the 21st Century, ed. by Amy Eckert, Zed, 2008); “The Legal Nocturne” (Suffolk Law Review 2009); “Democratic Duty and the Moral Dilemma of Soldiers” (Ethics, forthcoming).

Professor Ryan is a Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law at the University of Oregon, where he is a founder of the masters program on conflict resolution. He has also taught at Harvard Law School and Northwestern University, and has been a fellow of the Oxford Changing Character of War Program.