Gary Furlong has extensive experience in mediation, alternative dispute resolution, organizational facilitation, negotiation, and conflict resolution. Mr. Furlong is past president of the ADR Institute of Ontario, is a Chartered Mediator (C. Med.) and holds his Master of Laws (ADR) from Osgoode Hall Law School. Gary is the author of The Conflict Resolution Toolbox (Wiley, 2020), Brainfishing (Indigo, 2019), and co-authored The Sports Playbook: Building Teams That Outperform Year After Year (Routledge, 2018). He was awarded the McGowan Award of Excellence in ADR in 2005 by the ADR Institute of Canada.

As a mediator, Mr. Furlong has worked in the areas of commercial, personal injury, estates, construction, shareholder, insurance, wrongful dismissal, real estate, and workplace conflicts, and specializes in intervening in difficult organizational and workplace disputes. Mr. Furlong was regularly called in to the court-annexed ADR Centre in Toronto in its first three years, and was appointed a Roster Mediator, Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, for close to 10 years. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Furlong has mediated litigation claims ranging from $50,000 to over $100 million. Mr. Furlong was a regular mediator and factfinder with the Education Relations Commission, and was also appointed a Provincial Facilitator and Mediator with the Education Improvement Commission, assisting with the financial reorganization and amalgamation of school boards in Ontario. Mr. Furlong has also been on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s complaint mediation panel, and the Teachers College of Ontario mediation panel.

Mr. Furlong has delivered ADR and conflict management training for judges from across the country through the National Judicial Institute, and for hundreds of lawyers through the Law Society of Upper Canada and numerous law firms in Toronto. In addition, Mr. Furlong has trained police officers, firefighters, by-law enforcement officers, as well as thousands of managers and union leaders in the private sector and in numerous departments of the federal government, provincial government, and many municipalities. Mr. Furlong has worked with the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Department conducting research into employment models of dispute resolution in Canadian companies, and teaches Negotiation Skills at the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre. Mr. Furlong also spent 6 years as an organizational development consultant to both large and small corporations in Canada and the U.K.

Mr. Furlong is a Partnering facilitator to the construction industry, and has pioneered the use of Partnering in unique organizational settings. Mr. Furlong has mediated a number of construction matters, both construction design and contract issues, along with construction lien disputes. Mr. Furlong has facilitated conflict systems design projects for numerous clients, including the Royal Bank of Canada. Mr. Furlong is a principal with Agree Dispute Resolution, and is a graduate of Stanford University in California.