John W. Zinsser
Senior Practitioner

John W. Zinsser believes anyone facing a challenge at work or school, who wants help, should get it. That is why for nearly 25 years, he has supported Fortune 500 and global companies, governments, and academic institutions to consider, implement, assess and improve conflict management capacity, especially through organizational ombuds programs.

Whether as designer, analyst, lecturer, or award winning ombuds, Zinsser champions the capacity and value of properly executed organizational ombuds programs. Extending this function to athletes, coaches and their institutions, to heighten performance and enjoyment of sport through the SCI / PHC partnership inspires Zinsser, Pacifica’s co-founder.

His international perspective built from years working outside the U.S. served when Pacifica developed the first ombuds program for a Japanese multi-national and advised Romania’s largest company on the development of their ombuds program. Previously Pacifica facilitated the design and implementation of the first voluntary organizational ombuds program in the Fortune 500 in a decade, assuring excellent organizational participation and involvement. In addition to designing and building ombuds programs, Pacifica has led the way in estimating their contributions and value return to organizations. They have executed the four largest evaluations of corporate ombuds ever undertaken. Zinsser designed and teaches both ombuds courses offered at Columbia University’s Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

Zinsser holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Antioch University and is a Cum Laude graduate of Kenyon College where he majored in Sociology. A lacrosse player at Kenyon, Zinsser is a lifetime competitive sailor, who has raced in National and World Championship events as tactician, foredeck, and crew.