Henry Abbott, ESPN / Truehoop

Old-school sports executives like to sell the idea that running a team comes with alchemy, pressures and bad breaks unlike any other business, Read more >

Paul Greene, Global Sports Advocates

“As a sports lawyer who represents athletes, I see firsthand the importance of team culture and how it affects players one way or the Read more >

Jason Belzer, President – GAME, Inc.

“What can the business world learn from some of the most successful sports teams in history? Taking a deep dive into the into the inner Read more >

Jennifer Baker, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, The Johns Hopkins University

“A strong culture is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. It is a controllable, and can be created; Gordon, Furlong, and Read more >

Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian, 3x Olympic Medalist, Performance Consultant at Athlete Assessments

“Few books are written which give you the “how to” about working with people effectively in the sporting environment. Sport is Read more >

Ria Scott, University of Virginia Women’s Golf Coach

“To me, culture is everything. Culture is bigger than the individual, greater than the team, and more important than a single performance. Read more >

Tyrone Brooks, Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, Major League Baseball

“A culture of success is what permeates throughout winning organizations and Gordon, Furlong, and Pendleton hit the mark with this book. Read more >

Frances Traisman, Vice President of Sales, Seattle Mariners

“Every leader – whether in sports, business or at home – strives for consistent success. With The Sports Playbook, Gordon, Furlong, and Read more >

Maurice “Mo” Kelly, VP of Player Engagement, Seattle Seahawks

“When your culture leads to your best player being your hardest worker then you truly have something special. That doesn’t happen by Read more >

Rob Mullens, University of Oregon Athletic Director

“Building and maintaining a championship culture is foundational to sustained excellence. Organizational culture must be a strategic Read more >

Athletic Director, NCAA DI

“I can talk to my athletes every day all day. Very rarely will a student athlete tell me something is wrong. There are simply too many potential Read more >

Craig Leon, Professional Distance Runner

“The assessment survey provided me with information that allowed me to introspectively examine my strengths and weaknesses in the hope of Read more >

Ian Dobson, 2008 Olympian & Elite Running Coach

“The Playbook is a fascinating look at the structures and strategies that produce consistent success. By using real-world examples to bring Read more >

Graduate Student, University of Oregon

“This course was great! I learned a lot about conflicts that occur in every sport at every age and how different models apply to different Read more >

Byron MacDonald, Olympic Swimming Coach

“This information will help the coach to better understand what drives their athletes – yielding a better plan of attack and better chance Read more >

Mark Versfeld, Olympic Swimmer

“The assessment has helped me to recognize strengths and weaknesses not only in myself, but also given me a tool to work…better with people Read more >

Deanna Panting, Canadian National Skeleton Team

“This became a large part of my World Cup success…although chronologically 38, my emotional age is 28 … prime age of a world class Read more >

Brian Johns, Olympic Swimmer

“I feel the assessment has helped me by helping me recognize my strengths and my weaknesses. I have shared this knowledge with my coach and Read more >

Bryan Rosenfeld, U-17 Women’s National Team Coach, Canadian Soccer Association

“Like many coaches that deal with high level athlete’s we are always looking to find that edge to take athletic performance to the next Read more >

Gio Guzman, University of Oregon Alumni

In case anyone asks why they should take these courses… Know that the basic skills and scenarios that I learned about in that class helped Read more >

Amy Rovai, Kidsports Sports Manager, Eugene, OR

[The Sports Mediation Course] has really helped me out a lot.  Even though I have to be somewhat biased with cases, it has really helped my Read more >

Katie Harbert, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development at the University of Oregon

This program has provided an opportunity unique to the University of Oregon for our student-athletes to not only learn about but apply knowledge Read more >

Kristen Moore, Head Women’s Basketball Coach & Westmont College Associate Athletic Director

“We should be creating a positive sport culture instead of focusing on fixing conflict after it happens.” Read more >

Neena Bryant, Professional Softball Player

“Conflict Resolution has aided in allowing me to better approach, attack and mediate problems which need problem solving, as well as, Read more >

Don McPherson, Former NFL Quarterback

“No game is won or lost on game day. Sustained success in sports comes from understanding that life is a process and the skills we learn Read more >

James Harris, Former Assistant Athletic Director, University of Oregon

“For 10 years I had lead meetings without purpose or focus. I have changed everything since learning Process Consultation theory and have Read more >