“Are we negotiating?”

“Always.” ~ The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

Negotiation is a fundamental skills that impacts nearly every facet of our sporting lives. Any time we require the support or cooperation of another individual, we must turn to our negotiation skill set.

The challenge is that much of the popular culture and mythology around negotiation is simply wrong and sets us up for bad outcomes.

SCI has leading negotiators experienced in teaching and training negotiation theory and skill in sports. Whether you are a coach, administrator, official, athlete, fan, parent, agent, or otherwise involved in sports, negotiation is a core competency essential to your success.

We will examine theory and skill related to negotiation and the myriad challenges negotiation presents. In theory, negotiation is not very complex. In practice, it is a different story. We will work to bridge that gap through fundamental concepts and deliberate practice.

Our negotiation training covers a number of key topics:

  • The nature of negotiation and strategy
  • Tactics of distributive bargaining
  • Strategy and tactics of integrative bargaining
  • Negotiation strategy and planning
  • Perception and framing
  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Finding and using negotiation power
  • Reputation, trust, and justice
  • Agency
  • Coalitions
  • Multiple parties and teams
  • Gender and cultural challenges
  • Managing difficult negotiations
  • Ethical considerations
  • High-speed negotiation

All of our simulations are based on real-world negotiation challenge in sports and tailored specifically to the needs of your organizations.