Are team meetings run effectively? Is communication clear and inclusive of all team members? Are you having the difficult conversations necessary to ensure optimal performance on and off the field of play?

Comprehensive and Time Tested

SCI uses a comprehensive and time-tested facilitation process to assist groups in developing and agreeing on workable, realistic plans or solutions to issues or challenges facing your sports team or organization. We help clients achieve open communication, clear direction, and decisive action.

Team Facilitation

Even the most effective teams and organizations can benefit from an outside facilitator who can masterfully and neutrally manage the meeting agenda, work through team dynamics, and help the team achieve its desired outcomes. This is especially important in minimizing distractions early before they become destructive conflict and to get the grit out of the team’s machine as early as possible. A neutral facilitator focused on effective process and open communication can save a season and help ensure optimal performance.

Team Collaboration

Teams can find themselves mired in what feels like difficult, immovable situations. When collaboration seems like it is a challenge, our expert facilitators leverage their skills and experience to help teams begin to manage team dynamics to elicit the most effective collaborative approaches.

Team Communication

Communicating well within a team is one of the most difficult tasks a team faces. SCI helps teams work through individual, interpersonal, and team communication dynamics to uncover unspoken words, surface “the elephant in the room,” and find collaborative ways to once-again work together toward building a winning atmosphere.

Team Process

SCI conducts process improvement events called, Kaizen (改善), Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better” which refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in management. SCI brings this practice to sports management to facilitate rapid improvement and leaning of critical management processes.

A key element of Kaizen is to ensure all relevant stakeholder, not just leaders, are involved in this intensive process improvement process. It is ideally suited for the sports industry where inefficiency equals competitive disadvantage and those that adapt most rapidly achieve their goals.

Consensus Building

Many sports conflicts are public in nature and involve numerous, diverse stakeholders. Conflicts may center around stadium funding, fan treatment and behavior, neighborhood relations, intra-university disputes about the role of athletics, proposed rule changes. These are complicated and require experienced support to ensure better outcomes.

SCI uses a proven methodology, based around consensus-building, to facilitate constructive dialogue around your most critical issues. Calling a meeting and allowing everyone speak their mind is probably not going to be sufficient; addressing complicated, volatile disputes requires careful, systematic planning.

Larry Susskind and his colleagues have detailed the basic approach to Consensus Building that SCI follows.

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