When tensions rise and tempers flare,
And conflict seems too much to bear,
There comes a time for someone to share,
A path to peace, a way to repair.

In sports, this task falls to the mediator,
A skilled and wise communicator,
Who helps the players see each other,
And find a resolution, like no other.

With empathy and understanding,
The mediator guides the demanding,
Process of negotiation, to be outstanding,
And bring an end to the conflict, understanding.

Through active listening and reflection,
The mediator helps reach the intersection,
Of mutual interests and common direction,
That leads to an agreement, with satisfaction.

And when the dust of the conflict settles,
And the game goes on without any nettles,
The mediator’s role, though in the shadows,
Is remembered as the savior, of the game’s throes.

So let us cherish the work of the mediator,
And honor their role, like a game’s legislator,
For in sports, where conflict is often a traitor,
The mediator is the peacemaker, the game’s liberator.

~ ChatGPT