Ryan Hedstrom offers practical advice for coaches on how to effectively deal with conflict. He identifies four principles which are key when trying to resolve conflicts: active listening, non-verbal communication, using ‘I’ statements, and avoiding common communication obstacles (advising, diagnosing, discounting, lecturing, threatening, or preaching).

For managing conflict, Hedstrom gives dos and don’ts.

5 do’s:

  • Convey the value of your relationship with the person.
  • Go slowly with what you want to communicate.
  • Try to understand the other person’s position.
  • Listen to what the other person is trying to communicate.
  • Confront the situation, not the person.

and 5 don’ts:

  • Communicate the solution; it is better to focus on the problem.
  • Stop communicating.
  • Use put-downs or sarcasm.
  • Rely on nonverbal hints to communicate, be direct and forthcoming.
  • Discuss the problem with others not associated with the conflict.

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