This tool is designed to assist in evaluating and rewarding a team.

Objective: It is important to balance evaluations of the results of the team’s work with the contributions of individual team members. Finding the right balance and ways to measure these factors is key in a successful evaluation and reward program.


Analysis: Do the evaluation criteria provide sufficient direction to team members so that they know how to act in order to be successful? Will the reward program that you selected motivate team members to perform well? What problems are likely to be encountered if you use this program?


Discussion: What are the effects of using team member ratings to evaluate team performance? What is the right balance between individual and team rewards?


Team Goals:  What are the main goals of the team?

Team Evaluation:  What criteria should be used to evaluate overall team performance?

Member Evaluation:  What criteria should be used to evaluate each team member’s performance?

Reward Program:  How should the team’s work be rewarded?

What percentage of the reward should be based on the team’s outcomes versus the behavior of the individual team members?

_____ % team reward – based on coach’s evaluation of the team

_____ % individual reward – based on team members’ evaluations of individual performance