What are the environmental stressors that can interfere with athlete performance?

What keeps coaches awake at night?

What can be mitigate risk in athletics?

Strains of the Games™ is a tool developed by Dr. Don Murray and Dr. Charles Johnson, Jr.from their work with the  Olympic teams beginning in 1974. During their consultation, the USA Men’s Olympic Volleyball Team went from being a virtual unknown to a top five team in the world in 1983. With the help of Strains of the Games™,  they won an Olympic Gold Medal in 1984.

The Sports Conflict Institute (SCI) is pleased to have Strains of the Games™ in our tool set for helping teams manage risk and optimize performance.

There are many factors that can interfere with athletic goals and objects.

These include:

  • Ticketing / Spectating
  • Acquaintances and Friends
  • Relatives and Family
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Socializing
  • Social Isolation
  • Teammates
  • Social Media
  • Press / Media
  • Athlete Transition (Coming and Going)
  • Rumors and Innuendo
  • Safety and Security
  • Privacy
  • Brass (Administrators and VIPs)
  • Logistics (Travel, Food, Roommates)
  • Academics or other responsibilities
  • Financial / Money

Dr. Murray discussed the tool on SCI TV.

Want to try Strains of the Game™ for yourself? Try a free version with your team now. Download Strains of the Game Free.