With the complexity of intercollegiate athletics, both administrators and coaches understand that the student-athlete experience across all teams needs to be consistent with university mission, objectives, and goals.

Grid of Shame

Yet, according to The College Football Grid of Shame, developed and updated annually by the Wall Street Journal, there are a number of big-time college athletic programs who perform at a very high level on the field but may not be providing a high-caliber student-athlete experience in other key areas.

Neutral Assessment is Key

Mission statements, goals, and objectives provide a starting framework, but the true test is a neutral assessment of teams and the athletic department to safely identify necessary information for student athletes to have confidence in staying the course or to successfully adapt where needed.

A Shift in Focus

According to the Journal of College Student Development, “Research on the academic performance of college athletes should focus on factors related to academic success while students are in college, such as social integration and (the) motivation to succeed…”

Analysis is An Important Step

SCI Founder and Practitioner, Joshua Gordon stated that, “In response to this critical need, SCI is applying its expertise in intercollegiate athletics to this particular area of concern. Even the best intentioned college administrator will struggle with access to key insights and information needed to make good decisions. This analysis is an important step in preventing the types of issues that administrators and coaches might not always see or know about.”

A Strong Need

“More than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes compete in up to 23 sports every year, issuing a strong need for an assessment like this one,” Gordon says.

Ensuring a Quality Student-Athlete Experience

“Member schools support their student-athletes’ academic success by providing state-of-the-art technology, tutoring, and full access to academic advisors. But now we’ve created a way to ensure the student-athletes’ college experience is consistently a strength,” continues Gordon.

Success On and Off the Field

“It’s important that individuals gain all the advantages of being an NCAA student-athlete,” Gordon explains, “and that means having a positive experience on and off the field.” The NCAA’s website reiterates Gordon’s statement, providing a detailed explanation of the value of college sports.

A Real Competitive Advantage

“Once an assessment is done, SCI works closely with the organization to identify an effective path for ensuring that best practices are protected and the areas of concern are addressed. SCI partners with internal resources to ensure that all policies, practices, and procedures align and are consistent in supporting a superior student-athlete experience. It can be a real competitive advantage,” concludes Gordon.

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