Renee Gordon
SCI Advisory Board

Renee Gordon has been working for over a decade in business development. She has worked in the private and public sector, most recently in higher education, in various roles that emphasize strategic planning and facilitation. Renee believes that the foundation to long term success for any organization is building organizational systems that promote good working relationships built on trust and respect.

In her work with Universities, Renee has significant expertise in understanding the cultural and structural challenges to keeping all parts of the whole mission focussed and working effectively. She cares deeply about the opportunities afforded to students through athletics and academics.

Renee’s background also includes over 20+ years of running. She became a marathoner while still pursuing her undergraduate degree from the Alfred Leaner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware. Renee knows first hand that training for sport provides foundational skills that can be leveraged for lifetime success. She ran a marathon pr this year of 2:52:10 at the Newport Oregon Marathon this May and 2:52:18 at the Columbus Marathon in October.